Benefits of continuing personal development for a marine surveyor

personality development

We Constellation Marine Services, as an organization wish to get the best output from our team. Training develops our staff to be high performers. Considering that, if they are well trained then their tenure, however long, will be a more impact full contribution to our company and it will lead to our objectives being achieved.


We invest in training and leadership development, on a regular basis. Therefore, we encourage all our team members to attend seminars in different subject areas to enhance their trend of acquiring new knowledge and skills.

We always ensure that the quality of training provided is of the highest standard, there is a vital need for a coherent overall policy linking initial training with employment opportunities, ongoing skills development and the promotion of greater equality.

This article explores the prospects for, training and personal development within the marine surveying field. It is based on a series of employers, the principal union, training institutions and regulatory bodies.

Regardless of how long an employee chooses to reside within our company, we always believe in investing in the future to develop leadership qualities. Thus, by giving anyone a chance to develop and succeed, we may be pleasantly surprised with a loyal, lifelong, committed employee and team member with a productive output.

Generally, as per our experience, employees always look for a better opportunity every 18-24 months, on average. However, bear in mind, they take our branding and experiences with them, influencing how their peers will view your company. Additionally, they may be welcomed back later after a stint elsewhere. Leadership and development training are becoming a standard among top companies.

Most of the companies with the high standards invest more in maintenance contracts than they do to maintain their largest investment: Human capital. If we treat our employees as commodities, they will certainly be sure to return the favor. We should always keep in mind that a well-trained workforce and developed leaders are our real competitive advantage.

As a matter of fact, we should keep in mind that retention is not only the reason to develop younger, less-experienced talent within your organization. Even if they leave (and yes, they may), they have powerful social and referral networks. We should always train them well and let them lead when and where they can do their best work. They will always remember how they were treated and developed. They may just send their talented friends your way in the future.

There is difference between training and development, these terms are often used interchangeably, though there is a distinction. As a thumb rule, training is formal and linear. It is to do with learning something specific relating to a skill. To enhance competence level, development is often informal and has a wider application, giving you the tools to do a range of things and relating to capability and competency. It involves progression from basic know-how to more advanced, mature or complex understanding. Alternatively, it can be about widening your range of transferable skills like leadership, managing projects or organizing information.

One must always keep a learning log to record thoughts in whatever way best suited. We may find it helpful to write things down in detail, for example, or to make notes on insights and learning points. The process of writing makes us think about our experiences at the time and makes planning and reflection much easier. We can’t review our experiences without recording them, however good our memory is.

We need to set a date in advance for review of the objectives about ourselves. we can either do this from one review to the next or decide to review regularly, in a periodic manner. Log it and do it.

The cycle of continuing professional development has begun……

As an Organizations we need to attract talented individuals to become innovative and to conduct successful business in more global settings. By not? targeting your hands but their culture, management style and approach to recruitment and retention. Your employees attitude toward work and information about new technologies will define the workplace culture of the 21st century.


Capt. Manish Kumar – Master mariner Principal Consultant (chemical and oil/products cargoes) Constellation marine services.

(Prime area of work – UAE ports, Fujairah, Abu dhabi, Ras Al Khaima, Mina Sagar, Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai, Hamriyah, Jabel Ali, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar (Mina Hamad) (mesaieed), Egypt (Alexandria) or fuel, Sohar, Muscat, Salalah).