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Bunkering and bunker Surveys – PART I

Bunkering and bunker Surveys:Millions of Dollars are lost every Year through Disputes over Bunker Quality & Quantity. Even if the vessel staff boards the bunker tanker to witness the bunker tanker measurements-The vessel staff are not familiar with the correct sampling procedure and the “TRICKS-OF-THE TRADE” which can lead to inflated supply quantity.

Bunkering and bunker Surveys-Attentions

Operators are now paying Greater Attention to the Management of Bunkers than Previously. Ship operators are also  realizing  that marine fuel management has become much more complex especially with new and emerging fuel quantity issues impinging on safe and efficient operation of ship board machinery.

There is an increased awareness of the benefits of bunker quantity surveys among ship operators who are now less tolerant towards losing when small bunker quantities on the physical delivery.

It is important to take barge tank measurements correctly and to record the actual temperature of the bunker fuel before/after delivery.

Bunkering and bunker Surveys-temperature measurement

Proper temperature measurement alone can save thousands of dollars.

There are many ship operators who leave the “Bunker Stem Survey” to the chief engineer to save on survey cost and end up with an incorrect supplied quantity and a commercial loss of thousands of dollars for the operator unfortunately “STEALING BUNKER FUEL FOR PROFIT” is here to stay for a long time to come.

Loss Prevention during Bunker Stemming Largely Depends on the hands-on approach and practical experience of bunker surveyors.

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