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Our Ship and Marine Surveyors did, at the request of the subject cargo underwriters, attend at the consignee’s warehouse yard, to inspect and report on the condition of the cargo and to ascertain the nature, cause and extent of damage sustained to the shipment of steel beams.

The report starts with the Consignment details, which includes details about the shipper, consignee and consignment. Details of carriage were also noted down which contained the No. of lading bill, port of loading, port of discharge and delivery of consignment.


Constellation Marine Surveyors attended the survey at the consignee’s yard and contacted the concerned person in charge, who informed our independent inspectors that the subject 71 bundles of steel Beams were taken delivery from Jebel Ali Port, part by part in two days in December 2013. He added that while offloading of the cargo from the trucks at their yard, they had noted that steel beams in many bundles were severely in a damaged condition .Therefore the cargo underwriters were notified of the damage.

At our Independent Surveyors attendance all the 71 bundles received in the subject shipment were shown to us and the same observed stored at the open yard. With reference to the packing list the 71 bundles were made of following sizes of beams:-

140 x 73 x 3.8 x 5.2mm x 6M: 35 bundles

160 x 82 x 4.0 x 5.6mm x 6M: 11 bundles

200 x 100 x 4.5 x 6.7mm x 6M: 20 bundles

200 x 100 x 4.5 x 6.7mm x 12M: 5 bundles

Total: 71 bundles

Upon inspection of the bundles some beams in each of the 4 Lots/ sizes noted to be in a damaged condition.


The affected pieces of beams in the bundles noted to be variously bent, twisted and with their flanges dented/folded. The consignee’s representative informed our cargo inspectors that the damaged beams will not be accepted by their customers.


Due to the manner in which the sound and damaged bundles were stored it was not possible for our Independent Surveyors to ascertain the number of beams of each of the bundles at that stage.

Consignee was advised to segregate the damaged material from the affected bundles and inform our surveyors to carry out a follow up survey quantify the damaged cargo.



Further to the preliminary attendance and report on the above matter, Our Marine Surveyors were informed by the consignee that they had segregated the damaged steel beams and were kept separately for inspection.

Constellation Marine inspectors as arranged with the consignee attended at their warehouse yard for inspection of the damaged cargo. The Consignee’s representative showed them the damaged steel beams and the same observed segregated and stored separately size wise at the open yard.

As earlier mentioned in the preliminary report the affected steel beams were noted variously bent, twisted, and with their webs/flanges deformed, dented and some of them had sustained cut/tearing at various locations. Upon taking a physical count of the same following noted:-


Based on the invoice the value of the damaged steel cargo of 23.272 M. Ton @ USD.552 was found as USD.12846.144.


Consignee had obtained quote from salvage buyers quoting AED.1600/= per M. Ton.

Therefore salvage value recoverable was AED.37, 235.20 = USD.10,145.83.

The insured was advised to dispose the damaged items on hearing from the underwriters. He also mentioned that the weight of damaged cargo is theoretical and actual weight will be arrived by weighment at the time of disposal.


The report ends with the details about the cause of damage. The bill of entry made available by the consignee for Constellation Marine Surveyors review did not carry any port remarks on damage to cargo. Consignee informed our surveyors that the clearing agent had been advised to clear the cargo from the port who did not care to see the condition of the cargo at the time of taking delivery. However taking into account the severity of damage sustained to the steel beams such damage (bending/twisting/tearing) in our cargo inspector’s unprejudiced opinion appeared to have occurred at different stages of handling. As per statute the damage needs to be notified to the carriers within 72 hours from the time of taking delivery, which seems not done by the insured. No surveyors on behalf of carriers attended the joint survey.


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