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Cargo recovery Inspection dubai  What We do:

• Load shedding and damage prevention.

• Documentation and verification of loss or damage.

• Filing freight claims and overload.

During Cargo recovery Inspection

Shipper’s Responsibilities

Many variables can affect your shipment during transport :

• The number, size and shape of the other shipments traveling with her

• The roads

• Weather

• storage conditions

• load requirements and / or special handling

To prevent loss and damage, all these variables must be considered when a product, its packaging, and package markings are designed.

As the shipper, you are responsible for

• Proper packaging

• marking of the packaging of cargo properly and

• appropriate descriptions on the shipping documents.

You must follow all rules and tariff existing delivery related to your product . These publications describe the minimum packaging requirements :

• National Motor Freight Classification

• Hazardous Materials Regulations of the Department of Transport

Article 580 of the National Motor Freight Classification provides general rules for shipments properly marking, labeling and marking. Article 680 in the same document contains the rules for packing and packaging . These two articles do not apply if your product is regulated by the Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations .

While cargo recovery inspection responsibilities of recipient

As a recipient, you must identify and document loss and / or damage carefully.

There are two types of loss or damage:

• loss or damage visible or noted

• loss or damage hidden

Loss or damage visible or noted

Loss or visible damage means loss or damage apparent at the time of delivery.

• check each handling unit visible signs of damage.

• open shipments that show signs of loss or damage while the driver is present.

• review content with the driver.

• Record an accurate and detailed description of the results of the examination on both the Constellation and copies of your receipt of the delivery.

Do not use general or generic terms ( ” damaged box ” , etc. ) in the description; they do not provide suitable support for your application. Specific details of registration ( “switch box broken “, ” release the broken handle “, ” zero 12 inches on the frame “, etc. ) .

• You have the driver sign your copy of the receipt.

Note: The courts have generally held that a recipient cannot open the container and inspect the goods before giving a receipt to the carrier unless the containers indicate the likelihood of damage .

If you discover damage after delivery and the delivery has a vague rating or no rating , you may be more difficult to obtain a speedy and satisfactory settlement of your claim will find .


Upon delivery , you must

• Check the labels on all the handling units to be sure they are yours.

• shortages check that the goods are unloaded .

• Effective treatment units .

If possible , record when you receive a large number of items or the shipping includes a number of different elements.

Keep the shipping and unloading is completed in case you need a recount.

The loss mitigation find out by cargo inspection surveyors

You cannot refuse to accept a fair sending because it is damaged or partially short . Where possible , the shipment must be accepted, and all measures must be taken to minimize losses. Then you can file a claim for depreciation, cost of repair or replacement of the shortage.

Loss or concealed damage

Loss or hidden damage means loss or damage is not apparent on delivery. National Motor Freight Classification lists consignee and carrier for the determination of responsibility obligations (see pp. 11-14).

Reports loss or concealed damage provided by cargo inspection surveyor

• Immediately notify Constellation marine surveyors writing. You can notify us by phone, but the phone call must be followed by written notification .

• Keep shipping ( containers and contents ) in the same condition they were in when the damage was discovered.

Failure to check

If Constellation Marine Surveyors does not inspect the cargo :

• Inspect the damage yourself and record all the relevant facts.

• Include this information when you submit your application .

Burden proof of inspection

Hidden in a claim, you have the burden of proof . You must prove that YRC goods has caused injury , no other parties who handled the goods.

recovery inspection Additional factors concealed damage

We also consider these factors in a claim for concealed damage :

• Nature of commodity

• Adequacy of packaging

• Movement before pickup or after childbirth

• Conservation and the state of original containers

Cargo inspection recovery Salvage

Legally , as owner of the goods , you must do what you can to keep the loss to a minimum. You can reduce the loss by keeping damaged to a lesser or having the goods repaired freight prices . Reducing the loss will accelerate the settlement of your claim.

If the goods are a total loss for you, call the service center delivering freight to Constellation Marine Surveyors provision or assistance. The salvage must be retained for disposal goods until the claim is settled .

Loss and damage claim Filing Requirements

Constellation Marine Surveyors realizes that the lost or damaged cargo causes inconvenience to you and your customers. We will make every effort to resolve your claim quickly and efficiently. You can help us by answering the following requirements .

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