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Damaged cargo survey, jointly done on without prejudice basis

cargo ships

As per our principal’s instructions, a joint survey had to be conducted by Constellation Marine’s engineer surveyor on behalf of the carrier to assess the nature, cause and extent of damage to one air conditioning unit which was reportedly received in a damaged condition in a 40-foot container and stored at the consignee’s warehouse. A formal notification was sent by the cargo’s underwriter surveyor to the carriers via email. This in turn led to Constellation Marine Services getting appointed for the joint survey.

Marine cargo inspections

marine inspections

Marine cargo inspections- during loading of heavy cargo unit in export containers

Constellation Marine Services have well trained marine cargo surveyors who can advise the client the manner, type of stow , equipment to be used in loading the heavy cargo unit and also the lashing /securing arrangement needed for the cargo to reach the same safely at the destined port. The marine cargo surveyor from Constellation Marine Services would also monitor the loading operation to ensure the cargo unit is safely loaded into the container without any untoward incident.

Marine inspections

Marine  inspections 

Marine  inspections : We are sharing our experience with the shipping community on a  survey attended by constellation surveyor on a cargo of T V SETS  received wet  in a 1×40’ GC container .The  cargo survey was carried out at the request of shipping line in response to  a notification received from a cargo receiver /consignee in Dubai alleging the shipping line liable for the subject damage to their cargo received in a  container shipped  under B/L issued by the shipping line.

A senior surveyor from Constellation Marine Services attended the survey at the consignee’s warehouse in Jebel Ali after prior arrangement with consignee