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Towage Approval Surveys – Don’t get PULLED in the wrong direction.

Towage Approval

Towage Approval Surveys – Don’t get PULLED in the wrong direction

Towing operations, of any kind, customary or non-customary, are inherently risky; however it is known that these risks can be managed and reduced with due diligence and good seamanship, and this starts with a duty of care prior to commencement of the voyage.It has been reported that there is an increase in the number of towage incidents, many of which have resulted in serious injuries, collisions, groundings, pollution, damage to property and loss of cargo.

Loading of DRI CARGO

loading of cargo

DRI or Direct reduced Iron is a product which is formed by the direct reduction of Iron Ore. Due to the inherent nature of the product, when it becomes wet, significant amount of heat is generated along with the release of Hydrogen gas. Hence it is of paramount importance to have the cargo loaded and transported without coming in contact with moisture.