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external condition survey

Article of External condition survey carried out by captain guha.

The job scope was to of carry out an External Condition survey, preparing a Towing plan, Monitoring and advising regarding Float in operations of the Cmaran to ensure that it was safely carried out in accordance with industry standards certificate of Approval was to be issued at the endof the securing & lashing to ensure cargo was safe to transit.

external condition survey-prior to inspection

Prior to the inspection of the cmaran, an assessment of the cradle and supporting wooden beams was carried out and the client advised on the feasibility of reusing the original cradles and wooden support beams.

external condition survey-detailed inspection

A detailed inspection was carried out of the accessible sections of the hull of the cmaran with regards to hull indentation caused due to operations, condition of the hull markings, formation of paint blisters and break down of surface coating, build up of sea growth at the water line and submerged section of the hull.

A detailed towing plan was drawn out taking into consideration of the fragile nature of the Aluminum hull and fittings on board the vessel. The towing plan incorporated all available information and included the positioning of the two tugs and the location of the fastening of the tug lines on board the cmaran, the turning of the cmaran in the basin and aligning of the stern of the cmaran with the Semi Submersible vessel used to transport the Cmaran. The Towing plan was submitted to the port authorities of Mina port for their approval.

The Towing and the Float in operations was continuously monitored and the concerned personnel were appropriately advised with regards to safety and damage control. The mooring lines of the tugs and of the Semi Submersible were inspected for use and for the suitability of the operation. The gears used for the Load in Operation was inspected and continuously monitored for signs of impending damage.

The lowering of the cmaran on to the matting cradle was carried out under our supervision and the operations were safely concluded to the satisfaction of the clients.

It was reported that cargo arrived its destination safe and without reservations

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