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Fabricated living container survey

Recently the undersigned had attended a consignment of 99 Nos. of Fabricated Living Containers were loaded from Derine Port at Turkey to be discharged at Abu Dhabi Port.

Fabricated living container survey-Stowage of the cargo:

All the 99 Nos. of Fabricated  Containers were stowed on the Hatch Top and were properly Lashed & Secured.

Fabricated living container survey-Our Inspection On board the Vessel:

Conjunction with the vessels chief officer inspected the cargo.
During inspection it was noticed that the cargo is well stowed Lashed & Secured on the Hatch Top.
However 16 No’s of Fabricated Living Containers stowed on the Hatch Top noticed outer cover (tarpaulin) party/completely torn off and the diagonal cross straps found bent/deflected.

Fabricated living container survey-Discussion with Master & Ch:

.Officer of the vessel
The Constellation marine services had a detailed discussion with the Master /Chief Officer & understand that during voyage the vessel had encountered boisterous weather.
At that time the swell of the sea was above 4 Meters high and wind force above 6 as per the beaufort scale.

Fabricated living container survey-Cargo discharge operation from the vessel:

All the 99 Nos. of Fabricated Living containers discharged from the vessel in the same condition as it is found on board. No Damage caused to the cargo while discharging at the discharge port.


The 99 Nos. of fabricated living containers loaded on deck at the shipping/charters risk & responsibility without any liability to its Owners/vessel.

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