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A flag state inspection was carried out in Oman for the purpose of registration of a craft. The present owners had been in the process of seeking possibilities of the craft being registered under the flag of Oman ever since the craft had been brought over at the owner’s premises. Upon viewing the profile of Constellation Marine Services LLC by the Transport Authority, the owner was asked to carry out a condition survey of the craft in order to measure the suitability for the craft to be registered under the flag of Oman and to be released for service.

A full detailed condition survey was carried out by the attending flag state surveyor and the observations were brought to the notice of the owner of the craft in order to rectify the same to meet up the requirements of the local authorities prior registration. A sea trial was carried out successfully by the yacht surveyor at the Khasab Creek area and upon completion of the sea trial the marine craft was driven successfully out of the water via the fixed launching ramp.

flag state inspection dubai- Brief History of the Craft

The subject craft was manufactured in U.S.A. in the year 2003 and was bought by the in service till 2012 in Saudi Arabia, used as a pleasure craft transporting persons. In October 2013 the craft was purchased by the present owners and was shipped to Oman.

flag state inspection dubai–Brief description of the Craft

The subject craft is of Aluminum hull and body construction mounted on steel chassis and made for the purpose of carrying passengers within inland waterways as a pleasure tour craft. The craft is built based on a commercial bus chassis arrangement with drive train consist of diesel engine and four forward transmission with free front axles and hydraulic power assisted rack and penion steering, live rear axles connected to transmission box by universal joint and propeller shaft with high/low ratio gear speed selection & rear differential lock mechanism.
Fitted with Caterpillar Diesel engine with a rated power of 300 hp. The propeller shaft was noted to have connected directly to the gearbox with propeller and housing located at the aftermost end at the centerline with one electric operated unbalanced rudder.

The following was noted during the full thorough inspection of the craft during the flag state inspection carried out by the yacht surveyor.

1. The land engine was noted with no abnormal noises and smooth gear transmission noted during the transit on land.
2. No abnormal alarms not temperature increase noted on the dashboard panel during the land transit.
3. The craft was driven direct into the water successfully at the Khasab creek boat launching area and maneuvered in the water for a period of approximately 60 mins.
4. The marine engine was noted running smooth during the sea trial and no abnormal alarms noted on the control panel.
5. No water ingress noted in both engine compartments during the full time period the craft was maneuvered in the water.
6. The maneuverability of the craft in the water was noted satisfactory with effective rudder and engine response.
7. No abnormal vibrations noted apart from the usual engine vibration during the sea trial.
8. The craft was noted behaving stable with no list or trim during the sea trial carried out while the undersigned was onboard.
9. The craft was successfully driven out of the water over the fixed launching ramp.

The subject craft was noted designed to be maneuvered on land as well as in the coastal / inland waterways.

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