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main engine thrustpad damage survey

main engine thrustpad damage survey job was to investigate on the damage thrust pad and collar that happened during the vessel sea trial after their routine docking at ADRT(BAHRAIN).

main engine thrustpad damage survey-annual survey

The  main engine thrustpad damage survey vessel had gone for her routine docking and annual survey. Upon the boarding the classification surveyor he requested the chief engineer of the vessel that he needed to inspect the thrust pads. The dry dock in house repair team (Golden) dismantled the forward and aft bearing thrust pads for the classification surveyor’s inspection.

main engine thrustpad damage survey-upon completion

main engine thrustpad damage survey Upon completion of the inspection the thrusts pads were fitted back. The vessel had completed all her other routine maintenance and prepared their engines for sea trial. The vessel began her sea trials and the main engine was being maneuvered at different RPM’s suddenly the ‘’THRUST BEARING ALARM ‘’ activated and engine was slowed down upon the chief engineer’s request. Upon investigation it was noted that one thrust pad towards the forward end was fitted in the wrong thus resulting damage to the rest of the thrust pad and as well as thrust collar.

main engine thrustpad damage survey-inspection and assisting

main engine thrustpad damage survey B and W specialist were called for the inspection and assisting in grinding the collar and replacing the thrust pads. Under the supervision of the specialist the grinding was carried and new thrust pads were fitted.

Upon completion the vessel carried out a sea trial again and it was noted that the temperatures were within the operators recommendation.

The completion of the job was up to the satisfaction of the client.

main engine damaged thrustpad

main engine damaged thrustpads


main engine damaged thrust pad ey

main engine damaged thrust pad

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