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A surveyor is a person who is responsible for the water-based craft. This can all speedboats for liners say. Part of their job is to inspect and evaluate ships, fishing boats or yachts to ensure that the classifications of government are respected. They also check the vessels against international regulations. During an accident, a maritime expert may be called as an expert witness and as an investigator.IMG_1663

There are some qualifications that you must have to be a good surveyor . First, you must love the water. This makes sense , as most of your work will take place in or on the water. Your oral skills , written and people should be excellent. A curious mind is required when the investigation or examination of an investigation. This is not a job where everything is the same if you need to be adaptable.

Let’s take a look at some specific jobs a surveyor does. There are different surveys to be taken throughout the life of a ship. Starting from the time the ship is built, the surveyor will check on the ship and to ensure that standards are met. In addition to the investigation or review by the ship while it is under construction , it is an annual survey that should be preformed on each ship .

There are times when a special investigation is requested and the surveyor conduct the investigation that the investigation has been requested. This sometimes happens after a storm and damage to the main tank is suspected. Surveyors also inspect the ship before the sale. Other times , they will perform inspections required by international and domestic conventions statues .

The surveyors need a good knowledge of mathematics and measurement , as they are often called upon to measure tonnage vessels . To assign a load line ships should be controlled and measured. This is very important as online Incorrect load with too much tonnage loading could cause the ship have extreme difficulties during its journey. On the other side of this being that if the load line is under- calculated , then there will be wasted space that could contain goods. The rescue is another aspect of the marine topography.

Accident Investigation can be a difficult task and when these accidents occur on the water, the surveyor is called in. Because of their intense knowledge of both the water and the boats, the surveyor may help interpret what happened in the accident. Not only using a maritime expert survey on the accident , but again , they appear in court as an expert witness. They can also help coroners to determine the causes of death in accidents.

Another faction of the marine survey work with insurance companies dealing with insurance claims. The surveyor examines the vessel concerned and file a report detailing what they found . They also conduct fraud investigations to protect insurance claims invalid fraud companies. By being able to provide a detailed report on all aspects of the condition of the vessel report, the Navy.

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