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Mr. George Joseph

Marine Surveyor

Experience in the following areas:

  • On/Off Hire Bunker and Condition survey of vessels Supervision during discharge of bulk cargo from the vessel
  • Attendance during the supply of fuel to the vessels
  • Tanker Vessels – Attendance on board
    Tanker vessels for the inspection of its cargo tanks to load the nominated cargo and to determine the Quantity loaded/Discharged Based on ullage survey.
  • Bulk Carrier vessel – Doing the draft surveys to find the bulk cargo quantity discharged or loaded by the vessel.
  • On/Off-hire general survey of the vessel is also conducted.
  • Inspection of containers for its cargo worth and seaworthiness. Supervision of loading or discharge of containers from the vessel. Ascertaining the damages incurred to the containers during handling as well as supervision of loading/ discharge of perishable cargo into reefer containers
  • Bunker Surveys – Continuous attendance during bunkering through pipelines or barges. On/Off-hire bunker surveys carried out on board vessels and to find out the correct ROB of the bunker.
  • Terminal – Planning of daily dispatch of product in coordination with clients and ensure correct quantity and quality of dispatch. Monitoring of daily stocks in tanks, carrying out analysis for variation and to ensure all flange joints, valves and preparation of reports.

Contact Details:
Mobile: +971 52 9815089
Tel.: +971 4 4232884 & +971 4 4518060
Fax: +971 4 4232894
E-Mail: const24x7@constellationms.com

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