offshore marine services in dubai

Offshore marine services in Dubai

Offshore marine services in Dubai:

Our Independent Marine Surveyors

undertook an inspection to ascertain the cause, nature and extent of damage to “Vessel A” caused due to contact damage by “Vessel B” and to oversee the repairs.

The offshore marine services report starts with the Vessels details and Background of the “Vessel A” and “Vessel B”. It is followed by the details about the incident that took place between the two vessels. Pursuant to instructions received from Hull and machinery underwriters of the vessel, Constellation Marine Surveyors immediately proceeded to the port of incident to observe the damages.

Upon boarding Vessel A, the marine inspectors noted that the vessel had sustained damages to her port side hull plating, main deck plating, hand railings and no. 1 ballast tank air vent in way of frame 220-255 in the forward and between frame no. 109-124 in mid ship.

On basis of visual inspection of “Vessel B”, the marine inspectors could summarize the nature of damage was structural damage to shell plating, internal strength members, main deck plating and main deck hand railing in way of forward deep tank and ballast tank air vent of forward deep tank on port side.

The extent of damages was noted down, which included details about the damages to Bulwarks plate and stays on port side, port side railings, deck plate, shell plating.

damage to port railings of ship  found during survey damage to port railings of ship offshore marine services surveying the damaged port of railings


Summary of some class surveyor points noted during initial attendance:

  1. The NK class had advised the master of the subject vessel to carry out temporary repairs on the indented and punctured deck plating using tin sheet, canvas and cementing to a thickness of 150mm.
  2. Considering the extent of damages sustained, the NK class surveyor had recommended the vessel to proceed to dry dock within the Persian Gulf region soon after the completion of temporary repairs.
  3. The KR class surveyor for “Vessel B” had recommended that the vessel is sea worthy and can proceed for scheduled voyages but the permanent repairs were to be effected not later that the due date of upcoming docking survey.
  4. As informed both the vessels were issued with memo from the port harbor master and were asked to submit the following documents:
  • SOF
  • Letter of indemnity, indemnifying the port for the accident.
  • Sea Worthiness letter from the class for the vessel.

Some of the recommendations made by the Constellation Marine Surveyors were as followed:

  1. Ships railings had collapsed in mid-ship and ford area on the port side – to be renewed.
  2. Deck plate was buckled in the mid-ship and ford area portside – to be renewed.
  3. Shell plate was indented in two locations – to be further inspected and attended as required.
  4. Air vent head of ford deep tank was broken and distorted cover – to be renewed.

The owners of the vessel planned to carry out permanent repairs and had invited our attending surveyors to identify the total extent of the damages as a result of the contact incident. Following are some of the damages that were noted and marked as per Class surveyor recommendations:-

  1. No. 1 port side ballast tank:
  • The tripping brackets between floor transverse and side shell IWO Frames 219-223,226-227,234-235 over an area of 500x600x12 mm thickness was noted bent.
  • The shell plating and associated stiffeners between frame no. 219 and 252 over an area 26.4m x 3.0m x 15mm thickness was marked to be cropped and renewed.

2.No. 3 port side ballast tank:

  • The deep transverses IWO Frames 115, 121 and 133 was noted dented and buckled and were marked to be cropped and renewed.
  • The floor transverse IWO Frames 111-115, 116-120, 122-124, 131 and 132 were noted buckled and to be cropped and renewed as per Class NK

3.Forward port side deep tank:

  • The shell plating from Frames 252-255 over an area 2.4×3.0m was noted dented inward.
  • All the associated stiffeners IWO the shell and main deck plating were noted in order and to be saved as per Class recommendations.

4.No. 1 cargo tank:

  • Two Nos. brackets IWO Frames No. 215 & 216 were noted bent.

The following are some of the remarks that were made by the Class surveyor as part of the Class Maintenance inspection and were confirmed during our independent surveyors attendances onboard during the course of the permanent repair works:-

5.Upper Deck:

The buckled upper deck plates from Frame 220-300 mm to Fr 238-1100mm IWO No.1 top side tank(P) with Upper deck longitudinal UL-19 to UL-22, brackets and reinforcement members were cropped off and renewed.

6.Side Shell:

The buckled shear strakes plates from Frames 220 – 500mm to Frames 255 + 200mm iwo No. 1 Top side (P) tank with side longitudinal SL-1 and SL-2 brackets and reinforcement members were cropped off and renewed.


The bulwark plate from Frames 256-2000mm to Frames 256+2000mm with bracket and stiffeners were cropped and renewed.  

renewed bull wark painting


bullwark on completion of painting

bullwark on completion of painting

 renewed tank intervals of offshore marine services

renewed tank intervals of offshore marine services

view of inside of the cargo hold

view of inside of the cargo hold

The buckled bottom plate of No. 1 TST from Fr.239-400mm to FR.241+400mm was partially renewed.

  • No. 1 Cargo hold:

The buckled hold frame (P) at fr.216 on the side shell was partially renewed.

  • No. 3 Top Side Tank:

The buckled transverse bracket plate on bottom plate of No. 3 TST at Fr. 111 to Fr. 114, Fr.116 to Fr.120, Fr.123, Fr.124, Fr.131 and Fr. 132 were partially renewed.

  • Ship Side Hand Rails:

Damaged ship side hand rails around Fr 115 to 118 and Fr 220 to 255 were partially replaced.

  • Panama chock:

Damaged panama chocks on port side at Fr.220 to 255 (4Nos) were renewed.

renewed panama chock

renewed panama chock

The Report concludes with a Dry Dock Cost Review table written by the Constellation Marine Surveyors. The table consists of Item no, Invoice Description, Claimed amount (USD), Remarks and Approved amount (USD).The report is of 51 pages and contains an appendix with 4 items

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