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 – Draft surveys
A system of cargo measurement based on measuring the draft of the vessel before and after loading or discharge, making into account any changed in weight other than cargo, which may have taken place during cargo handling operation, i.e. changes in the weight of water ballast, bunkers, stores etc.
– On/Off-hire Condition + Bunker surveys
As the name suggests, these surveys record the condition of pertinent parts of the vessel at commencement, or on completion, of a charter/owner.  Relevant areas of the vessel where damage is likely to occur (deck, hold, rails, cargo gear, hatch covers etc,) are inspected according to factors concerning the charter/owner.
A bunker survey is also carried out during the survey.  It is sometimes necessary for the bunker figures to be adjusted for a particular time and place when the On or Off Hire Survey comes into effect.
– Bunker surveys
– Measurement of the bunker tanker and receiving vessel before and after delivery.
– Bunker fuel sampling and testing to accepted industry standards.
– Quantity delivered calculation, based on density testing.
– Detailed bunker survey reports.
– Sampling documentation photographs as requested or permitted.
– Cargo condition surveys
– Damage surveys
– Damage Containers
– Stuffing & De-stuffing surveys (All Commodities )
– Reworking surveys/operations (GP/REEFER/FR)
– On/Off-hire surveys (GP/FR/OT )
– Container Condition/cargo surveys
– Empty container inspection for cleanliness/fitness.
– Inspection/Loading/Discharge supervision of heavy machinery.
– Measurement & condition survey of project cargoes.
– Lashing inspection of cargo on board the vessel and containerized cargoes.
– To determine the quantity loaded/discharged/transferred by measurement and calculation on board vessels and inshore tanks.
– Attendance for the monitoring of loading/discharging/transferring.

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