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Maritime Safety Conference

Captain Zarir Irani introducing Pradeep Luthria representing Constellation’s Cyber Vulnerability assessment audits – He explaining the emphasis the importance of #Cyber_hygiene in every maritime activity Other issues related to assuring maritime safety in the #India_ASEAN #sub-region #safeguarding and promoting #maritime_trade were discussed #transportation of #hazardous_goods, #marine oil spill #pollution and #environmental safety.

Super Yacht Summit 2019

Maritime Safety Conference 2019

Board Member’s Capt.John Noble and Hugh Brown give their views

Marine Insurance Conference held at Queen Elizabeth II ship

Constellation Cyber Vulnerability Risk Assessment Seminar.

Dubai Marine Insurance Conference held at Queen Elizabeth II ship.

An In-depth Discussion on the Boon and Bane of Connectivity at Sea.

Capt. Zarir Irani Presentation – Evidence Gathering From Surveyors Perspective at Seafarers Club.

Constellation has adopted integrated management system ISO 180001 9001 14001.

IBIA Bunkering Training Course Held at Dubai.


6th conference on shipping chatering cargo held in New delhi about Consequence of abandonment of cargo, what happens to unclaimed cargo if left in ports for an extended period.

IIMS UAE Meeeting Going Live Now at 1900hrs GST (GMT+4)

ON Dangerous Cargo Claims – “When Things Go Bang”

surveyor appointments

Upon 12 years Constellation’s Stars speak out about what makes them tick

“Creating customer delight is the responsibility of each star at constellation, they own the process until they create a “wow factor” for clients, the organisation believes in the process of employees first, customer second. Management is steady fast in its commitment to work after & stand by its stars. In return each star gives his best to serve our customers & create professional, delight for our esteemed customers.”

“Marine salvage expert Capt. John Noble during a BBC interview shared his professional expertise on ocean search and rescue operation of missing Egypt Air MS804”

“Wreckage search at sea for Egyptair MS 804 north of Alexandria in the Mediterranean sea by Capt John Noble of Constellation Marine “

Capt.Zarir Presenting “Facts v/s Assumptions”

Fundamentals of Marine insurance..Presentation by Captain Zarir Soli Irani.

“MARINE INSURANCE – Definition as per Act”

“A contract of marine insurance is a contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured, in manner and to the extent thereby agreed, against marine losses, that is to say, losses incident to marine adventure.”

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Role of the Government Nautical Surveyor Deputy Chief Nautical Surveyor, Danish Government Ship Inspection Service Examination of new tonnage SHIPPING AND SHIPBUILDING are both industries which, due to their international character, to a great extent gave gained an advantage from the endeavors which have been brought forward by the international organizations such as IMO and ILO in preparing accepted standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships.

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Associates of nautical institute