Definition of barge: “A capacious, flat bottomed vessel, usually intended to be pushed or towed for transporting freight or passengers “Various types and different kinds of barges mainly non self-propel/ without engine and need to be towed. Types of barges – Pontoon Flat top barge, Lash barge, Log barge, Cable lay barge, Oil tanker barge, Accommodation barge, Project cargo barge, Push barge, Crane barge, Derrick pipe lay barge, Split hopper barge, Piling Driver barge, Specialized barges are equipped with the […]


Precautions Take during the Bunkering Operation

BUNKER/BUNKERING What Does the Word “Bunker” and Bunkering? In the shipping industry, the word bunker is used for fuel and lube oils, which are stored on a ship and used for machinery operation only. If a vessel is carrying marine fuel or lube oil to discharge it to another port, it will not be called “bunker”. If the vessel or truck is carrying it to transfer to another ship for using in its machinery, it will be termed as “bunker” […]

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Port Captaincy & Oversized Cargo Shipping

Port Captaincy & Oversized Cargo Shipping Constellation Marine services are pleased to announce the successful completion of a Port Captaincy evolution for loading a length of 7.5 kilometers of Ductile Iron cement coated pipe on board a bulk carrier in Abu Dhabi. With over a 1000+ port captaincy and supercargo services performed over the last 10 years, it came as no surprise that Constellation Marine services were chosen over the multitude of survey companies in the UAE for this particular […]

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Ship Main Engine Damage Survey

SHIP MAIN ENGINE DAMAGE SURVEY CARRIED OUT BY ENGINEER SURVEYORS FROM CONSTELLATION MARINE SERVICES. BACKGROUND We, Constellation Marine Services (CMS) as independent ship and marine surveyors, often get instructions from our principals as Hull & Machinery underwriters to attend on board ships to carry out machinery damage surveys. Recently we got a nomination form one of our principals to carry out Main Engine damage survey on board a vessel and report on nature, cause and extent of damage to the […]

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Marine cargo inspections

Marine cargo inspections- during loading of heavy cargo unit in export containers Constellation Marine Services have well trained marine cargo surveyors who can advise the client the manner, type of stow , equipment to be used in loading the heavy cargo unit and also the lashing /securing arrangement needed for the cargo to reach the same safely at the destined port. The marine cargo surveyor from Constellation Marine Services would also monitor the loading operation to ensure the cargo unit […]

Marine inspections

Marine  inspections  Marine  inspections : We are sharing our experience with the shipping community on a  survey attended by constellation surveyor on a cargo of T V SETS  received wet  in a 1×40’ GC container .The  cargo survey was carried out at the request of shipping line in response to  a notification received from a cargo receiver /consignee in Dubai alleging the shipping line liable for the subject damage to their cargo received in a  container shipped  under B/L issued […]

Pre purchase inspections on tankers


Pre purchase inspections on tankers Pre purchase inspections on tankers:Constellation Marine Services is one of the leading marine survey company in UAE who perform a number of pre purchase inspections for various types of water crafts including but not limited to bulk carriers, oil tankers, container vessels, gas tankers, offshore supply vessels. Of these types, the tanker pre purchase inspections are the most frequently carried out surveys. Master Mariners with command and backed are sufficient experience on board Oil and […]

Marine insurance claims

Marine insurance claims-bulk cargo claims due to water ingress in the cargo holds Marine insurance claims: We Constellation Marine Services as Independent Marine Consultants received a nomination from one of our overseas Principals in order to assess the potential cargo claims due to moisture damage, cargo reported to be with mould growth in the hold. Constellation’s senior marine insurance claims surveyor contacted the local agents to arrange all port formalities so as to board. Marine insurance claims-background Our senior marine […]

ISM inspections

ISM inspections The objectives of the International Safety Management (ISM) code (ISM inspections) are to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to the environment and property. It is essential that certification is up-to-date and valid. All necessary documents and manuals should be approved and on-board. ISM inspections-The following points should be borne in mind – Gangway and moorings to be in good condition and clean. – Visitor log to be […]

LPG expediting

LPG expediting – INTERESTING AND CHALLENGING LPG expediting as the name suggests refers to speeding up the turn-around time of the vessel whilst at berth or if carrying out STS operations with daughter vessels which is only one of the aspects of the job. The other aspect is ensuring that the cargo operations are carried out in safe and efficient manner to the satisfaction of the terminal or other vessel always keeping LPG safety procedures in mind so as to […]

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