ISM inspections

ISM inspections The objectives of the International Safety Management (ISM) code (ISM inspections) are to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to the environment and property. It is essential that certification is up-to-date and valid. All necessary documents and manuals should be approved and on-board. ISM inspections-The following points should be borne in mind – Gangway and moorings to be in good condition and clean. – Visitor log to be […]

LPG expediting

LPG expediting – INTERESTING AND CHALLENGING LPG expediting as the name suggests refers to speeding up the turn-around time of the vessel whilst at berth or if carrying out STS operations with daughter vessels which is only one of the aspects of the job. The other aspect is ensuring that the cargo operations are carried out in safe and efficient manner to the satisfaction of the terminal or other vessel always keeping LPG safety procedures in mind so as to […]

Reefer containers survey training by marine surveyors

Reefer containers survey training  by marine surveyors Reefer Container Survey  is carried out by specially trained marine Surveyors of Constellation Marine Services with the following steps strictly followed: – Reefer Container Survey Check the reefer container for damages. Damaged reefer units must be rejected if the defects could affect the goods. Have the unit replaced.  TEMPERATURE:  Every cargo requires a particular temperature (carrying temperature). Air supply in the reefer unit should be kept at that temperature. The return air temperature […]


marine warranty surveyors warranty survey  report warranty Surveyors warranty survey report OF 5 x 40 containers and 6 trucks with cargo transported from jebel ali free zone. INTRODUCTION: Our Constellation Marine  warranty Surveyors warranty survey report  undertook a survey to supervise the loading of cargo on to the Containers / Trailers and to inspect the condition of cargo & adequacy of lashing and securing prior to dispatch from the consignee’s yard. The Report starts with the Consignment details, which contains […]

marine surveyors dubai seal container survey report

marine surveyors dubai seal container survey report SUMMARISED  SURVEY REPORT CONTAINER NO. “ADS 42534” ALLEGED THAT THE ORIGINAL SEAL NO. IS MISSING FROM THE CONTAINER WHILE LANDIrNG AT JEBEL ALI PORT UNDER BILL OF LADING NO. “AEF 1T56” CARGO: 140 PACKAGES GROSS WEIGHT 16 M.V. “VESSEL A”. INTRODUCTION: Our Constellation Marine Surveyors undertook an inspection of the alleged seal difference in container no. “ADS 42534” thereafter attending unstuffing supervision of cargo from the said container for ascertaining any shortage of cargo. […]

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bunker surveyors uae | marine surveyors dubai

bunker surveyors uae summarized bunker survey report Our bunker Surveyors attended on board “VESSEL A” and the supply “VESSEL B” whilst they were lying safely afloat and double banked, and subsequently gauged the ships’ tanks in order to calculate and ascertain the nominated quantity of Heavy Fuel Oil as received by the receiving vessel. SURVEYORS COMMENTS: bunker surveyors uae: Our Constellation Marine Surveyors boarded the “VESSEL A”, and all the bunker tanks were gauged by them in conjunction with the […]

cargo damaged surveys dubai

cargo damage surveys dubai Constellation marine surveyors is a international ship and marine consultancy firm specialized in cargo surveys,cargo recovery surveys cargo damaged surveys,ship condition surveys,hull and machinery surveys,off shore marine services,marine warranty surveys with branches over uae,uk,singapore, india and part of world. OUR SUMMARIZED DAMAGED CARGO SURVEY REPORT Our Ship and Marine Surveyors did, at the request of the subject cargo underwriters, attend at the consignee’s warehouse yard, to inspect and report on the condition of the cargo and […]

Quantity surveyors Dubai

Quantity surveyors Dubai Quantity surveyors in Dubai: Our Independent Ship & Marine Surveyors did at the request of the correspondents, attend at the consignee’s warehouse in order to carry out a survey of 2 Nos. of _____________ crates that were reported  to damaged.   Quantity surveyors Dubai – DETAILS OF SURVEY: The Quantity surveyors from Constellation attended the survey at the consignee’s warehouse at Al Awir, Ras al Khor industrial area), met the representative of the consignee and carried out […]

offshore marine services in dubai

Offshore marine services in Dubai Offshore marine services in Dubai: Our Independent Marine Surveyors undertook an inspection to ascertain the cause, nature and extent of damage to “Vessel A” caused due to contact damage by “Vessel B” and to oversee the repairs. The offshore marine services report starts with the Vessels details and Background of the “Vessel A” and “Vessel B”. It is followed by the details about the incident that took place between the two vessels. Pursuant to instructions […]

rig move masters in dubai

Rig move masters in dubai PRACTICAL RISKS OF RIG MOVING Brief  Presentation Synopsis   A Rig move Master’s Perspective-case study   Pro-active Measures with industry intelligence RELOCATION     OF A JACK-UP DRILLING UNIT – Rig move masters in dubai-CASE STUDY ON RIG MOVE The intended purpose of the operation was to relocate the jack-up drilling unit from an open sea location to a port for lay-up.  The distance was about 300 nm and the season was winter but the port lay […]

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