Reefer containers survey training by marine surveyors

Reefer containers survey training  by marine surveyors

Reefer Container Survey  is carried out by specially trained marine Surveyors of Constellation Marine Services with the following steps strictly followed: –

Reefer Container Survey

Refer Container Survey

  1. Check the reefer container for damages.

Damaged reefer units must be rejected if the defects could affect the goods. Have the unit replaced.


 Every cargo requires a particular temperature (carrying temperature). Air supply in the reefer unit should be kept at that temperature. The return air temperature is more than the supply air temperature.

All containers need to be pre-cooled.

The power flow chart of the vehicle needs to be checked.

temperature checking by marine surveyor during reefer container surveytemperture showing on container checked by marine surveyors.


 The ethylene, heat and carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in the refrigerator needs to be removed.

If you store an ethylene-sensitive fruit or vegetable next to an ethylene-producing fruit, you can affect the former’s quality and reduce its shelf life. You can cause premature aging and decay of the ethylene-sensitive food.

To avoid that fresh air circulation is required, which can be obtained by having good ventilation.

raining of reefer container survey


  •  Without the proper level of humidity, vegetables, fruits and meat becomes dry due to the formation of fungus/molds. (85-95% humidity required)
  •  Humidity plays an important factor in refrigeration of cargo.

checking of temperature of fruits on Refer Container Survey


  •  The pattern of cargo storage in the reefer container should be such that there is proper air circulation.
  •  The cargo should not be close to the door as it causes cargo deterioration.
  •  The red line on the container indicates till where the cargo needs to be stuffed in a reefer container.


refrigilation damage survey

Refrigeration damage survey

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