Refrigerated Cargo Damage Survey

Refrigerated cargo damage survey carried out by specially trained Surveyors of Constellation Marine Services with the following steps strictly followed:

1. External condition of the Reefer container and door seal status examined and damage to container, if any, noted down.

2. From documents the shipper, requested temp/vent/humidity setting noted and the temperature display unit of the reefer unit is inspected to record the temp/vent/setting/supply air set by the carriers in the container.

3. On opening the container the stowage of cargo in the container inspected to see if the stowage prevents or restricts the air circulation within the container; If any ice formation visible due to air block.

4. The cargo temperature recorded. Mode of packing and date of pacing noted down and condition of cargo examined for any exceptions. The affected cargo quantified and loss assessed.

5. Voyage temperature charts reviewed to confirm the cause of damage.



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