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Ship Surveyors Dubai of  constellation follow below procedure:

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  • When there is wave and swell action it is harder to obtain accurate readings.
  • There is no substitute ,in these circumstances ,for experience and all students should take every opportunity to work with an experienced surveyor until they are sure of their ability to read draughts correctly.
  • There are, however , methods and equipment that will help to achieve this.
  • In moderate conditions draughts can be read by averaging the maximum and minimum readings obtained from observing the wave action.
  •  For a reasonable answer at least six pairs of readings Should be obtained.

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Ship Surveyors Dubai

These should be maximum and minimum readings of one wave cycle There are various ways to average these sets of readings.

  1. The largest and smallest means of the six are rejected and the remaining four pairs averaged.
  2. All six means are averaged.
  3. The largest and Smallest readings are rejected and the remaining ten averaged.                     For example.
  4. The following are obtained from the survey:

Reading 1&2          3&4         5&6       7&8       9&10        11&12  

Max       9.28        9.32         9.26       9.26       9.30        9.36

Min        9.15       9.10          9.20        9.14     9.14         9.11

Mean     9.215     9.21           9.22        9.23     9.22         9.235

1. Reject means of 3&4 and 11&12 and the average of the rest is 9.22125

2. The average of all six means is 9.2217

3. Reject reading 4 and 11 and the average of the rest is 9.22

From the above the draught used would be 9.22  meters.

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