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Summarized version of Vessel Condition  Survey Report

Vessel Condition Surveys ReportOur Vessel inspection involves a thorough survey of as much of a vessel as is accessible. This detailed technical examination is usually followed by a written report which lists the extent and nature of the defects found.

The report starts with the Introduction, Description of Vessel and its main particulars as extracted from various plans and documents on board and/or supplied by the vessels Master/ Chief Engineer.

The Vessel inspection by the independent marine surveyors shows:

1. The bridge navigation and communication equipment’s used. The Item, Mark &Specifications and Remarks are written in a tabular form.

2. The condition of the vessel accommodation which consist of the quantity and condition of the cabins, crew mess room and recreation area, sanitary spaces, air conditioning system.

3. Details about the ship’s  hull which includes the plates, draught marks, type of rudder and propeller and bow thruster.

4. State of the main deck areas which constitutes of the deck plating, railings, mast house structures, air vents and sounding pipes, pipe work and walkways, deck lighting, hatch access and watertight doors.

5. Type and specifications of the blocks and running gear.

6. State of the cargo tanks, ballast tanks, chain lockers, deck store rooms.
Cargo Tank Inspection Dubai                                                          1.1  CARGO TANK  

Ballast Tank Inspection                                                             1.2  BALLAST TANKS

7. Safety and fire-fighting equipment’s: Checking the number and quality of lifeboats, life-saving appliances, life rafts (inflatable), life jackets, immersion suits, thermal protective aids, life-buoys and which fixed fire-fighting system is used.

8. Information about the machinery: The general engine room layout, cylinder running hours and wear, crankshaft deflections are observed. The make, type, total running hours of the main engine turbocharger, the auxiliary engines and alternators/ generators, and of the main air compressors are also noted.

9. Performance of the vessel: The records of the vessels voyages are checked by the attending inspectors to establish the performances and/ or consumptions of the vessel.

Finally the independent marine surveyor concludes the report with a pointed unprejudiced view of the vessel assimilated from the inspection conducted.

Vessel Condition Survey Report

Some of the conclusions noted during vessel condition survey were the following:

1. The Vessel does not have a deck workshop. The workbench for deck work is fitted on the accommodation deck aft.

2. Chain lockers as visually inspected from outside the chamber indicated extensive rusting. Ballast tanks viewed from deck level were noted to be heavily corroded with no signs of maintenance.

3. Pipelines were noted to be well marked. However, the condition of the valves cannot be commented upon as the vessel was not conducting cargo operations.

4. Main and Accommodation deck areas of vessel were observed with moderate to heavy rusting with deep pitting in numerous locations. The deck is in need of attention requiring chipping and recoating.

5. No safety walkways were marked on deck. Bow access and companion way grating noted rusted at places.

The marine surveyors suggested that a follow up vessel inspection be carried out in order to establish the exact condition of the vessel and / or any new outstanding conditions remain after the completion of the survey.

Following the conclusions is the lists of appendix, as of this report, 33 appendixes were attached to complete the report which contains around 400 pages.

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